Marketing + Web Services

We are a complete design, print and marketing firm. All work is done in-house by our team.

We have a wide range of experience in the design and marketing industry and have worked with all kinds of companies in many various industries. We formed Legally Armed Marketing to provide our collective knowledge to the firearms community and assist Pro-Gun companies with their marketing initiative.

Web Development

Web Development & Design
Our website design services suit the needs of the company and the online goals. We develop a professional image that suits your brand and ensures users have the best possible experience.

Website Launches & Redesigns
Whether you are launching a new brand or are refreshing your established website, we have the experience to help facilitate your success executing a successful launch or maintaining organic search traffic after a complex redesign or rebrand.

Video / Media Production

Web Videos, Products Reviews, Booth Video Products
Explain your products or service in detail with video. We will produce and provide the edited final products for use on the web or broadcast.

User Experience & Conversion

Usability & Customer Experience
We understand user behavior and how users interact with your site. We can provide analysis so you can leverage the visitors your site is getting and increase your conversion rate.

Search / Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization
We can help you build a comprehensive strategy or help support your existing SEO initiatives.

Content / Page Optimization
By optimizing the content on your website, we will expand your relevancy for your top phrases and serve your users.

Paid Search Marketing (PPC / SEM) We can use our knowledge and SEO experience to develop a strategy for your website and ensure you are getting the greatest impact possible from your PPC campaign.


Content Creation & Optimization
We can write new pages for your website to accommodate a wider audience while boosting authority and maintaining brand voice.

Digital Asset Development & Promotion
We can create and promote digital assets, helping you gain exposure on social media and ensuring that your brand will gain authority.


Social Media Marketing
We utilize the top social networks to communicate with potential customers and industry influences while promoting your brand using a unique voice.

Online Reputation Management
If your brand has a reputation issue, we can help you reclaim branded search results, reaffirm user trust and restore your good name.

Conversion Optimization
We have a range of experience working on optimizing individual landing pages or partnering with brands to create a guided conversion journey.